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Pizza Crust Perfection

Fresh Made Dough Every great pizza starts with a great crust! Our incredible, out-of-this-world crust is made with our signature, home-made dough recipes, prepared in multiple batches throughout the day. Our dough is always fresh

Homemade Pan Crust 

Our Homemade Pan pizza takes pizza crust to the next level. All of our homemade pan pizzas are made from fresh made dough,  that is is in a 10x14" deep dish sheet pan to create that wonderfully scrumptious and thick crust. Add your choice of veggies, meats and cheeses have been added, our Pan pizza is baked slowly to make sure the pizza crust comes out thick, rich and delicious with a beautiful golden color. Sold in Large Size only.

Traditional Homemade Crust

Our famous homemade crust the put us on the map. Our traditional pizza crust is prepared fresh each day throughout the day. Each traditional crust pizza is just right, not too thick or thin, and is a fluffy crust that is topped with endless topping possibilities..

Crispy Thin Crust

If you like Thin Crust Pizza, you will love our Crispy Thin Crust Pizza. This pizza is so thin and flaky that each bite will melt in your mouth. You can customize this mouth-watering pizza with all of the toppings that your heart desires. Made fresh daily.

New Gluten-Free Crust 

Don't think we've forgotten about our customers that have decided to go Gluten-Free. Just because you've gone Gluten-Free doesn't mean that you should have to give up eating a good slice of pizza. Voted one of best Gluten Crusts.  It so good you forget it is gluten free. OurGlutine Fress Curst is sold in a 12" size only

This product is not for everyone, our gluten free items are prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, We DO NOT recommend this pizza for customers with severe celiac disease.

Locally Owned & Family Operated Pizzeria

We make fresh homemade pizza that people connect over. That’s our thing. We take our job seriously and love what we do.  We believe in making a pizza the right way just for you.  Fresh exceptional Ingredients for outstanding pizza. Our mission... is to delight ever customer one pizza at a time using on the best ingredients and  by killing it on every detail of the customer experience.
Our Core Values 
– Have fun 
– Do it... with passion
– Build something special
-  Give back to the community
– Give Customers what they want
-  Source only the highest quality and freshest ingredients

Never settle for corporate pizza., go fresh, go local.  Enjoy life, have fun and eat better pizza.

Voted Best Pizza in 2016

1st Place - Voted Best Pizza
Daily Jeffersonian Readers Choice Awards
1st Place Best Pizza Delivery 
Daily Jeffersonian Readers Choice Awards

Best of Athens
Best Pizza in 2016

Voted Best Pizza Runner Up- Best of Athens Ohio 2016

Athens News Readers Choice Awards
A big thank you to our fans, friends and neighbours that have supported and who voted for us in Best of Athens - Best Pizza.  With only being in Athens for about a year, it's great to be supported by so many. We promise to continue to work hard everyday to make our fresh homemade pizza the right way for you.   Team - Plus 1 Pizza
Athens News Readers Choice for Best Pizza Runner Up 2016

Enjoy Life, Have Fun... Eat Better Pizza

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Word Up......What People Say About Us

“ I love their pizza..... I think they quite possibly have the best pizza I have ever had. Their sauce is a little sweeter which I love, and the crust is delicious as well.  Everything is always perfect when I order. Give them a shot, they might just become your new favorite.

Katie B. 
Athens Ohio

“Pizza sub was awesome! There was enough sauce, cheese, and meats to make the perfect sub. it wasn't too crispy, wasn't too dry, and it wasn't bare! Fantastic flavor, and an amazing job!”

Zach Sinclair
Athens Ohio

“Staff goes out of their way to help you out and make sure you are satisfied. New favorite pizza joint in Athens!”

Zach Schabel
Athens Ohio

 We have done  pickup orders.....done when we get there and still hot, tastes great and exactly what we ordered. Please keep up the good work.

Amber Miller
Athens Ohio

 Pizza and wings were awesome. Staff were all friendly when I picked up my order. Glad you guys came to Athens.

Fran Cline
Athens Ohio

I've had Plus 1 three times since they opened (twice delivery, once dine in). Everyone is super friendly and the food is delicious! The delivery times are also crazy reasonable (if you're ordering during the lunch and dinner rushes, don't expect to get it in 30 minutes, just saying). Each delivery I got was made in 30-45 minutes, and I love their online gps tracker. Keep supporting these awesome folks. They may be a little green, but they're soon to be a local favorite!

 Katey Burgess
Athens Ohio