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Must have college student ID for discount

College Student Discounts
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Must present college student ID for discount
Delivery Charge to all College Dorms only $1.50
OU Student Deal
Large Pizza
with 1 Topping


 Online Only 
Use Promo Code OU916

Not valid with other discounts
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Pick 2 for $5.99 Each

Choose Any 2 Menu Items: 
Medium 1-Topping Pizza, 
8"- Oven Baked Sub,
Small Cheesy Bread,
8-piece Chicken,
Pasta Dinner 
Any 2 for $5.99 each, 
Use Promo Code OU926

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Double Deal
Two Small Pizzas with 2 Toppings Each

$4.99 Each

 Fast, Friendly

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Bobcat Deal Any Day – Any Time Pizza Deal
Large Pizza 2 Topping

Limit 3per order

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OU Student Deat
Large Pizza with 1 Topping

Online Only 
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Not valid with other discounts
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The Late Nite Deal
Large Pizza 1 Topping
Valid after 9pm Only
We Deliver

Online Only

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Limit 2 per order
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Tuition Saver
Any Regular Pizza or Specialty Pizza
25% Off

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2 Medium Pizzas with 1 Topping


Online Only
We Deliver
Ohio University 
Fast Delivery 

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Large Specialty Pizza

 Pick any Specialty Pizza   

Online Only
Limit 3

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Other Web Specials
Pepperoni feast pizza Athens ohio
tot-za pizza athens ohio pizza delivery
Web Specials
Medium Pizza with 2 Toppings $8.99

Promo Code WM899

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Large Pizza with 2 Toppings $11.99

Promo Code WL1199

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Pick 2 for $5.99 Each

Choose Any 2 Menu Items: 
Medium 1-Topping Pizza, 8"- Oven Baked Sub,
 Small Cheesy Bread, 8-piece Chicken,
Stromboli, or Pasta for $5.99 each, 
Use Promo Code W2599

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Large Pizza & Cheesy Bread Sticks

Large 2 Topping Pizza & Order of Cheesy Bread $15.99

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Cary Out Special – Two X-Larges with 1 Topping Each

Get Two X-Large 1 Topping Pizzas $11.49 Each

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Family Special

Large Super Supreme Pizza and Large 2 Topping Pizza Only $23.99

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We give back to the continuity.  

We have made giving back to the community an important part of how we do business. 

Are you part of a fraternity or sorority group? If so, contact us and let us know about your upcoming events and ask Plus 1 Pizza about donating pizzas. We give away hundreds of pizzas each year, to help groups such as yours. Does your fraternity or sorority need to raise money? Contact us for an easy way to help with fundraising.

Just give us as a call at 740-594-9494 and ask for Cole. He can help you with your next event. You can also fill out our contact form and we will contact you. Just click the button to fill out a contact form. 

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Plus 1 Pizza
600 E State St
Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone 740-594-9494
Word Up... What People Say About Us

"This pizza has been perfect everytime, so absolutely delicious I would suggest the bold neopolitan pizza sauce on a thin crust with spicy pepperoni! So good!! Thank you Athens plus one pizza!" - Earl Wood

Earl Wood
Athens Ohio

“ I love their pizza..... I think they quite possibly have the best pizza I have ever had. Their sauce is a little sweeter which I love, and the crust is delicious as well.  Everything is always perfect when I order. Give them a shot, they might just become your new favorite.

Katie B. 
Athens Ohio

“This place is great. I left Athens for a while and moved back and was surprised to see it there. I decided to order from them to give them a try, and now I get them more than any other Athens pizza, they are affordable (unlike a certain place down the street), their staff is amazing, and I have never had a problem with my order (again...unlike that certain place down the street). There are plenty of pizza places in Athens, but most of them are either chains that you can find anywhere or that one place that sells novelty pizzas that cost an arm and a leg and seem more like absurd experiments than food. Also, if you sign up with Plus 1, you get all kinds of deals, they routinely e-mail me great deals. I don't really ever write reviews, but I like this place so much that I feel the least I can do is ...”

David Nabel
Athens Ohio

“Staff goes out of their way to help you out and make sure you are satisfied. New favorite pizza joint in Athens!”

Zach Schabel
Athens Ohio

 Pizza and wings were awesome. Staff were all friendly when I picked up my order. Glad you guys came to Athens.

Fran Cline
Athens Ohio

“Pizza sub was awesome! There was enough sauce, cheese, and meats to make the perfect sub. it wasn't too crispy, wasn't too dry, and it wasn't bare! Fantastic flavor, and an amazing job!”

Zach Sinclair
Athens Ohio

 We have done  pickup orders.....done when we get there and still hot, tastes great and exactly what we ordered. Please keep up the good work.

Amber Miller
Athens Ohio

I've had Plus 1 three times since they opened (twice delivery, once dine in). Everyone is super friendly and the food is delicious! The delivery times are also crazy reasonable (if you're ordering during the lunch and dinner rushes, don't expect to get it in 30 minutes, just saying). Each delivery I got was made in 30-45 minutes, and I love their online gps tracker. Keep supporting these awesome folks. They may be a little green, but they're soon to be a local favorite!

 Katey Burgess
Athens Ohio

Friendly people and GREAT food. Best Pizza Sauce in Athens Hands Down!  You guys do a great job. You're making the other pizza places look really bad...

David White
Athens Ohio